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Coffee Culture, Destinations and Tourism

..:: Lee Jolliffe: University of British Columbia

An intriguing perspective on the social and cultural dimensions of an experience we all take for granted. Through a series of international case studies the authors have illustrated a series of linkages between tourism and the world of coffee - including the relationships of coffee to hospitality, cafe environments as social places, coffee production and tourism destination development and coffee tourism as an agent of cultural change.

Alister Matheson, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Canada

Aspects of global coffee culture are explored as they relate to the settings where the beverage is produced, prepared and consumed as part of coffee related tourism. Of particular note on the one hand is the potential of such tourism for developing tourism destinations, products and experiences; while on the other hand improving the livelihoods of coffee producers.

..:: Contents ::..

Part 1: Introduction

1. Common Grounds of Coffee and Tourism - Lee Jolliffe

Part 2: Coffee Culture and Tourism Contexts

2. Coffee Servicescapes: the design of café culture in New Zealand - C. Michael Hall, Janna Tipler, Rochelle Reddy and Karina Rowling

3. Café Culture and Conversation: Tourism and Urban(e) Experiences in Wellington, New Zealand - Adam Weaver

4. From the World Coffee Conference to the Local Café: coffee events large and small - Leanne White

5. Coffee-House Culture and Tourism in Cyprus: a traditionalized experience - Evi Eftychiou and Nicos Philippou

Part 3: Coffee Destination Experiences

6. Coffee In Vietnam: International Tourist Experiences - Lee Jolliffe, Karen Kwan, and Giang Khong Yen

7. Coffee Culture, Heritage and Destination Image: Melbourne and the Italian model - Warwick Frost, Keir Reeves, Fiona Wheeler and Jennifer Laing

8. Coffee and Coffee Tourism in Kona Hawai`i - Surviving in the Niche - Charles Johnston

9. Serendipitous Coffee Experiences in Papua New Guinea - Wendy S. Shaw

Part 4: Responsible Coffee Tourism and Cultural Change

10. Blending Coffee and Fair Trade Tourism - Michael Hall

11. Canada’s Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative Coffee Tour Venture - Nancy Chesworth

12. Beyond Fair Trade - enhancing the livelihoods of coffee farmers in Tanzania - Harold Goodwin and Harro Boekhold

13. La Ruta del Café and Los Santos Coffee Tourism: A Central America Project to Develop Coffee-Related Tourism to Augment Coffee Families’ Incomes - Bob Harvey and Diane Kelsay

Part 5: Conclusion

14. Coffee and Tourism Research Directions - Lee Jolliffe

Lee Jolliffe, editor of Tea and Tourism: Tourists, Traditions and Transformations (Channel View Publications, 2007) is a tourism academic at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. For this volume, investigating coffee-related destinations and tourism experiences around the world Jolliffe is joined by a cadre of researchers, resulting in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural examination of how tourism related to coffee can have economic and social objectives, contributing to the development of destinations and the experiences of tourists, while in coffee-producing situations having the potential to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities.

Tourism and Cultural Change (April 2010, 248pp)
Hbk ISBN 9781845411435 £64.95 / US$119.95 / CAN$119.95 / €79.95
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