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Causes of High Divorce Rates for Generation Y

By: Isabelle Lee

Even though it is still debatable, most people agree that Generation Y consists of individuals born between 1980 and the late 1990s. This generation exhibits major enhancements in technology and education. Despite these accomplishments, Generation Y faces several ongoing challenges, like substance abuse, crime, overpopulation, pollution, and divorce. Divorce is one of the major continuing phenomena among generation Y marriages. Most marriages do not last very long among couples in this generation .It is no longer shocking to see a happily married couple end their marriage because divorce continues to be part of Generation Y's culture.

Most people in Generation Y cannot explain why their commitment to remain married does not last long. The authors of "A Theory of Rational Marriage" acknowledge that even though most young people try their best to ensure that their marriages are successful, most of these marriages break up eventually (Barharm, et al). Two of the major causes of divorce for Generation Y are domestic violence and lack of maturity among married couples.

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