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Start at Point A - Vineet Nayar - Harvard Business Review

Start at Point A - Vineet Nayar - Harvard Business Review: "'When you grow up, what would you like to be?' That's a question parents, relatives, and even complete strangers direct at children in India. As a result, the journey through life begins with the desire to be somebody tomorrow: An engineer, a doctor, a pilot... kids start working their way to a Point B that lies in the future.

I have nothing against people stoking children's ambitions and no issue with kids dreaming about the future. But the problem is that the fixation with a Point B often continues over time. When children are in kindergarten, their parents are obsessed about getting them into school; when in school, the focus is about getting admitted to university; on graduation, the priority is to land a good job.

Once you become a manager, you become obsessed by the business targets and personal goals you must attain in order to be deemed a success. Life has somehow become all about getting to a hypothetical future."

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