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Sustainable tourism: basic income for poor communities

Two main sources of funding for a basic income are either distribution of income generated by the use of new (typically, natural) resources or redistribution of income generated by the use of existent resources.

What happens when a community is so poor as to have no conspicuous source of natural resources and only few other valuable economic assets being already exploited? How to introduce in such a community a policy such as basic income for all?

One possibility, explored in our paper, is the development of a touristic interest in that community, which, if articulated in a careful way - i.e. taking into account the community-appropriate sustainability concerns - might end up generating a genuine source for a basic income for its members. The source of basic income to be guaranteed would be common ownership of certain territorial-specific cultural and natural resources.

TD024 - Kerstenetzky, Celia L.; Punzo, Lionello F. Sustainable tourism: basic income for poor communities, julho 2010

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Lionello Punzo (CEDE/UNISI)

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Celia Lessa Kerstenetzk

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