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Stop Overloading Your Presentations

Communications coach Carmine Gallo uses a recent Morgan Stanley presentation to offer examples of what not to do when presenting!

Posted by: Carmine Gallo - Business Week

Stock analysts love charts. Excel is their tool of choice. When used to accurately predict the future price movements of stocks or the economy, charts are beneficial. The problem occurs when charts meet PowerPoint. The combination can be deadly boring. Recently, Morgan Stanley (MS) analyst Mary Meeker kicked off the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco with a discussion of the stock market, the economy, and technology trends. Morgan Stanley posted the slides online; a video of the presentation is available on YouTube (GOOG).

The presentation itself contained some interesting information about the growth of the tech sector and areas within the sector that Meeker predicts are poised to boom. But the delivery suffered from the all-too-common sin of information overload; too many themes, words, charts, and slides.

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